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French despair

I am French, have a degree in Swedish and German, and want to teach modern languages. But I have been blocked because I do not meet basic requirements.

To become a language teacher you need a minimum of a grade C in English and maths at GCSE. However, the French equivalent of GCSE, the Brevet des Coll ges is not recognised. The next exam up, the Baccalaureat, is accepted as equivalentto A-level.

This means that for non-British people, the bar is higher. I need the equivalent of a grade C at A-level, but have a grade D.

Why would a D at A-level be worth less than a C at GCSE? And why treat British and European qualifications differently? Would British "splendid isolation" still be alive?

Anne-Lise Ortu

37 Shelvers Way

Tadworth, Surrey

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