Friday Five: Classic prom moments for teachers

It's the day your Year 11s have been waiting all year for... Get ready to embrace the pomp and pageantry of the school prom.

Nicola Davison

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With this year’s GCSE exams almost over, all thoughts turn to that now most sacred of leaving traditions – prom. The last few details of the big day may have the head of Year 11 pulling their hair out, but students and teachers alike are looking forward to an evening of memory-making. Here are five classic prom moments for teachers:

  1. The venue. Woah. This manor house/hotel/golf club is a far cry from the slightly sad end-of-exam discos that you had to endure back in your day. Back then, it was all about the bargains at the tuck shop. These days, it’s all about patrolling the punch.

  2. The outfits. There’s no sign of the gawky Year 7s you first met five years ago. Although you slightly resent how much time was clearly dedicated to finding the perfect dress/suit and not to revision, you realise that your Year 11s really are all grown up.

  3. The photos. Forget the "duck face" and the "fish gape". Occasions like these are where new selfie poses are born. And no doubt you’ll find yourself sporting the look in more than one photo. Voguing is back, baby.

  4. The dancing. Your Year 11s will no doubt treat you to everything from the disturbing bump and grind to the awkward slow dance. But you know you must not get involved. There are far too many camera phones at this shindig.

  5. The fellowship. As the petty arguments are forgotten and the cliques disintegrate in favour of a good time, you find yourself getting a bit overemotional. You can only assume someone managed to spike the punch after all.


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Nicola Davison

Nicola Davison is a former teacher and school librarian, who now produces content for TES Resources.

Find me on Twitter @nicolajdavison

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