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Friday Hero

Barbara Ashby is a specialist teaching assistant at All Saints primary school in Fulham, west London Barbara Ashby joined this school for 200 three to 11-year-olds in June 1995, and after specialist training worked with an autistic boy and other special needs children. Every year she has undergone more training and now works throughout the school on literacy and numeracy strategies. Headteacher Sylvia Howieson, who nominated her for our flowers, champagne and chocolates, says she is "an absolute joy to work with - always smiling and constantly giving to others".

A good listener and a great friend to children, she is active every playtime and lunch break, making up games and encouraging constructive play. Mrs Howieson says Barbara is a key member of a strong team of learning assistants who relish training and have lots of enthusiasm. "People like Barbara make a big difference to the life of a school," she says.

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