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Full marks for minister who got off her bike

As the new Scottish Qualifications Authority beds down, the former Scotvec end of its operation in Glasgow is continuing to earn a bob or two with a remarkable enterprise - and all because Lynda Chalker, the Tories' Overseas Development Minister, fell off her bike on the way to the Houses of Parliament.

Speeding along the Embankment in London, Chalker ploughed into a hurriedly patched-up hole in the road and was unceremoniously dumped on her protective area. Furious about cowboy hole-fillers, she persuaded the Government to introduce legislation to insist on vocational qualifications for the street workers, that is, anyone with a shovel digging up roads and working for everyone from BT to gas companies.

A City and Guilds qualification duly appeared, followed by a register and identity card. Lucky old Scotvec picked up the UK contract to produce the ID cards.

Where there's muck, a dumped minister and dosh, you'll find the new SQA.

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