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Fun direction

The latest product from Immersive Education, a virtual reality performance kit, will appeal in the same way that the best computer games do, says chief executive Chris Lloyd.

"MediaStage unlocks creative potential by combining the aesthetic of a graphically rich video game with the power of a professional movie-maker's production kit," he says.

Pupils are stimulated into thinking about human interactions through 3D role-play simulation, putting their own thoughts into characters' mouths and creating performances that contain subtleties of body language, movement and interaction. "Besides its impact for creative learning, MediaStage is an exciting way to explore the techniques of film and television production," says Mr Lloyd.

Also on display at the SETT show was the science package Krucible, winner of this year's BETT award for secondary education software. It simulates experiments exploring waves, optics, energy and forces.

"And don't forget Kar2ouche, our hugely popular, creative role-playing software, now adopted by more than 6,000 UK schools," says Mr Lloyd. More than 40 Kar2ouche titles were on display, including new releases on primary science, sex and relationships, the Normans and democracy.

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