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Fun way to plunder history knowledge

LOOKING FOR VIKINGS. CD-Rom for Mac and PC. Sent free to schools. National Museums of Scotland. extra copies from the NMS multimedia team, tel 0131 247 4437. pound;19.99 inc VAT.

The world of the Vikings is brought to life through a motivating multimedia CD-Rom entitled Looking for Vikings. This interactive programme, for PCs and Macs, has been provided free to schools in Denmark, Scotland and Ireland and one of the first options is the desired language: Danish, English, Gaelic or Irish.

The CD-Rom invites primary children to explore specific areas of Scottish, Irish and Danish Viking history, including ships, trading, raiding, life and death. The text, pictures, photographs and video clips are presented in a meaningful context and detailed information provides opportunities for independent learning.

It can be enjoyed b children at varying levels. Younger pupils can appreciate the graphics and simpler texts while older ones are able to access more demanding texts by options provided on the screen. An additional audio button is a fun way for children to gain more information.

Primary 3 children found the programme to be motivating and a valuable learning tool, which some preferred to using a reference book. Popular sections included the video clips of the Shetland Viking festival Up-Helly-Aa, the archaeological evidence of Viking life and the interactive games such as naming the Viking baby.

Looking for Vikings is an excellent resource that reinforces the knowledge and understanding of the Vikings.

Karen Thompson, Elaine Mitchell and Alison Dutton

The reviewers are teachers at Bruntsfield Primary school, Edinburgh

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