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Further education

Your job and career questions answered

I taught in primary schools for 18 years, but left five years ago to pursue other interests. I recently had six months off work with the beginnings of arthritis. I'd like to return to education, possibly working within adult education in some form. What are my chances?

These days you need experience before changing from primary teaching to helping adults learn. You may be able to offer work on basic skills courses, although helping adults who never mastered the basics in schools is not the same as working with children.

I don't know where you have been working for the past five years, but is there a need for trainers in that field?

However, you need to check with your doctor about the prognosis for your arthritis. Any employer is likely to view this with some concern and you can't hide it on your application.

You might want to contact your local further education college to see whether they have any suggestions about possible openings.

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