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Futile attraction

Jotter was pleased to receive the latest update on attractions at Glasgow's King's Theatre, most especially the "smash-hit comedy Dirty Dusting", which runs until tomorrow night (Saturday). The press release summarised it thus:

"Three 75-year-old, hard-working Glasgow cleaners are facing the axe. They might be past their best, beyond their sell-by date and over the hill, but they certainly won't take their redundancy lying down. These game girls set up a phone sex service, and that's when the fun really begins . . ."

Well, The Steamie it certainly isn't (even if things do get slightly steamy). But we do wonder just how many group organisers in the teaching profession will brave parent wrath to take advantage of the proudly proclaimed schools booking hotline for an end-of-term class outing.

Probably not suitable for junior pupils - or guidance teachers, come to that.

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