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Future, tense

I am confused. All around me I hear that primary education is bad - the Office for Standards in Education says so. It must be true. Why then, have I been approached twice within a month by teacher-training agencies who want me and my staff to commit our time and energy to training the teachers of the future?

They were desperate for volunteers, any volunteers - they were going to take on the training and we could help if only we were prepared to cluster! And we can do our share for the princely sum of about Pounds 1,900 - less than the budget for bringing light to the school for a year.

You don't think this is enough to bring the light of knowledge to children for a lifetime? The trainers have the go-ahead from the Government, so it must be.

What a glorious future is in store: back to the good old days of pupil teachers.

MARGARET SANDERCOCK Headteacher Blenheim county primary school Blenheim Chase Leigh-on-Sea Essex.

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