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Gaelic - Frustration over funding

The development board Bord na Gaidhlig has been attacked by the Gaelic organisation TAIC over removal of its funding for voluntary organisations to produce early childhood materials in Gaelic.

TAIC - formerly known as CNSA - has been supported in its campaign for reversal of the funding decision by a number of international language experts.

Its director, Fionnlagh MacLeoid, said: "TAIC has been crucial in the development of some 60 Gaelic-medium primary schools, numerous parent language courses, staff and tutor training courses that are at the forefront of international best practice. Were it not for TAIC, the Bord itself would not exist because there would be no Gaelic medium education, nor any need for the services that have grown up around it."

Arthur Cormack, chair of Bord na Gaidhlig, said: "The Bord will continue to support the hard work being done at a local level by voluntary groups in pre-school provision right across Scotland."

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