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Gala days

Staying in the area (Borders, not the Himalayas), a tricky task awaits the inspectorate as it prepares to set off to find out, as they say in the technical language for which HMI is renowned, what the hell has been going on in the council.

No doubt the inspectors will be welcomed with open arms by beleaguered education staff desperate to unburden themselves and tell their story. With parents standing by to do the same, HMI will not be short of "any other comments" in its questionnaire responses.

The man responsible for overseeing this sensitive task and signing off the final report is Bill Clark, HM chief inspector of audit - which we now have to call the "quality, standards and audit division".

Clark will not be doing the direct probing himself, of course - which is just as well. In a previous life, he was headteacher of Galashiels Academy so he probably knows where most of the bodies are buried - and no doubt there will be many only too eager to tell his team which other bodies they would like to see buried as well.

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