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Games staff pulled up short over kit

THEY MIGHT be in fashion but microshorts and even long, baggy shorts are out of bounds for an increasing number of PE teachers, according to messages posted on The TES online staffroom.

More and more schools are banning shorts on the sports field on grounds of decency or not having a professional appearance, disgruntled staff have complained.

One teacher said he was going to quit after being threatened with disciplinary action if he did not switch to wearing tracksuit bottoms. He said: "I have worn shorts for years. The whole thing is ridiculous."

Another said: "I was pulled aside and told that wearing shorts to school was not appropriate. All the children wear shorts for PE. I am feeling cheesed off. I was pulled aside like I had committed murder."

Another wrote that she was asked not to wear shorts for theory lessons. "PE teachers don't wear strappy tops, skirts or boots," she said. "If there is a rule on shorts, there should be one on those."

Margaret Talbot, the chief executive of the Association for Physical Education, said wearing shorts should not be a problem unless they were too skimpy. "The most important thing is to present a professional image," she said.

But sadly for some, headteachers are within their rights to order a switch to tracksuit bottoms.

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