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Gary Tidmarsh

Gary Tidmarsh is a premises officer who keeps Market Harborough CE primary school in Leicestershire so clean and fresh "it just doesn't smell like a school". So says Year 4 teacher Julie Mollett who, along with her staffroom colleagues, wants to say thanks to Gary with our flowers, champagne and chocolates.

When she toured the school, prior to her job interview, Julie says one of the first things she noticed was "how sparkling and sweet-smelling the building was". As well as cleaning windows and polishing floors, Gary's the school handyman - installing cabling, decorating, and doing gardening jobs such as making "homes for insects". Nothing is too much trouble for "Mr T", as the children call him - even when he's got 1,001 things to do.

Friday magazine has four more editions before the end of term. Don't leave it too late to say a big thank you to the person who's a gem in your school. Tell The TES you've got a national treasure and we'll try to make them a Friday Hero. Email Flowers kindly supplied by Marks and Spencer

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