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Gateshead - Ruff justice for canine accomplice

A burglar who broke into a Gateshead school last week not only left empty-handed, but also forgot his dog.

Police officers found the small, white Jack Russell at an infants school, which has not been named at the school's request, in the early hours of Sunday, August 30.

A member of the public alerted police after hearing banging noises coming from the building. When they arrived, the thief had fled the scene, but the little dog was stuck inside the school.

Police officers are now caring for the dog, which they have named Bobby, and hope someone might recognise him and lead them to its owner.

Inspector Peter Storey said: "The animal was found at the school and so may have belonged to the thief.

"Anyone with any information about the attempted burglary or the owner of the dog can contact police in Gateshead on 03456 043043, extension 69191." RV.

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