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Gathered up into a rich seam

GNVQ advanced science textbook, Nelson. Pounds 17.99. - 0 17448 2353.

Here is a rich collection of information that tackles the GNVQ advanced science mandatory unit specifications which will be welcomed by centres offering this challenging programme.

Students will find some parts quite straightforward to use independently though may need greater depth in some areas. The team of editors and authors have extensive A-level text writing experience and many teachers will recognise familiar treatment of material common with A-level in terms of illustrations though with a simpler accompanying text.

Sections on how to use the book and the introduction explain the connection to the GNVQ structure. A clear format is followed for each mandatory unit with an introduction, followed by relevant techniques, methods, ideas and concepts which is then supplemented by boxed summaries which can act as a revision guide for unit tests. Each unit also contains questions and rounds off with a case study.

The introduction gives advice on building a portfolio with illustrations of directed tasks and more open-ended assignments. This leads to a section on designing an assignment which many teachers will value.

The eight units are very readable but can lack depth at times. Their major strength is in the organisation of material from a wide range of sources which teachers and students alike will find extremely satisfying. Both have much to gain from this rich text.

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