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Adi Bloom

Girls receiving exam results

Hello, and welcome to the Tes live blog for GCSE results day 2019. 

It’s an odd feeling, being a headteacher or an exams officer the day before GCSE results day. A feeling, one suspects, not unlike the mythological Fates, who know how the lives of all mortals will pan out, long before the people actually living those lives do.

(Yes: with one slightly overblown analogy, I have compared headteachers to gods. I’ll stop now.) 

It would be lovely if results day had a divine morality about it: if those who worked hard were duly rewarded, and those who didn’t bother learnt a timely (and ultimately still reversible) lesson about applying themselves. 

But it doesn’t. Of course, there are always the pleasant surprises: the pupils who worked incredibly hard, and managed to exceed their teachers’ expectations of them. But there will also be those who worked incredibly hard, and still missed out on the grades they needed. 

Life isn’t always fair, but 16 is still a horribly young age at which to learn this. 

And so, the day before GCSE results day, teachers should sit back, drink a stiff gin, and prepare for a day of celebrating and cheering, but also of consoling and comforting. And possibly be thankful that, like the Fates, you will be looking down on the events of tomorrow from a great and distant height.

Tes will be here – and with the pupils opening their results envelopes – all day tomorrow.  

We also want to hear your stories throughout the day: your personal experiences, as well as your thoughts on the national picture. 

You can email me on: adi.bloom@tes.com, or send me a tweet @adibloom_tes.

Adi Bloom

Adi Bloom is Tes comment editor

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