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GCSE Revision Quiz Book

Procrastinating teenagers can find last-minute help in GCSE Revision Quiz Book, which proffers 1,600 multiple-choice questions on everything from John Agard's poems to the purposes of baptism. More substantial fare is provided by Guide to GCSE Websites. Arranged by subject, this gives addresses and brief descriptions of 1,000 locations for cyber-study. Interactive trigonometry, French cosswords, guitar chords, a tour of modern architecture, re-enactments of the carbon cycle and the Versailles Treaty are but a selection. This is an infinite resource for stimulating jaded or anxious minds. The Hutchinson GCSE Revision Quiz Book, pound;4.99, and The Hutchinson Guide to GCSE Websites, pound;9.99, can be bought as a pack for a saving of pound;3. Available from most bookstores.

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