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Geeza job;Jotter

We hear of fun and games from Glasgow where the council is wrestling with matching surplus people to diminishing posts as secondary schools close.

Paul MacBride, the head of doomed St Leonard's in Easterhouse, may have lost out in the race for head of All Saints. But he is heading for a quieter life in the council's education HQ. It beats a senior teacher post in Cleveden.

Not heading for council HQ is Tom MacDonald, the depute at Bellarmine and the successful contender for All Saints. This continues a pleasing family success story. Tom is brother to Iain, Glasgow's depute director of education, who of course does work in the council offices.

Teaching in an axed school does not appear to guarantee a job, and quite right too. The principal and assistant principal chemistry teachers at (respectively) St Leonard's and Victoria Drive were pipped for the PT post in the subject at Bannerman by an internal person. The PT in physics at Garthamlock similarly lost out to a temporary teacher in a jobs bid at Bannerman. And Garthamlock's guidance PT saw the same job at Whitehill going to an unpromoted teacher.

But spare a thought for Glasgow officials. Faced with placing Sister Mary Dooley, a home economics teacher at St Leonards, they thought: What could be more appropriate than a religious education post? Alas, they discovered, this is one nun who is not qualified to teach RE.

The answer for displaced staff could be simple: get out of Glasgow. Bill Campbell, Garthamlock's head, got himself installed as head of Calderhead High in Shotts. Then the Garthamlock closure was confirmed and Campbell's new school, long free of break-ins, was burgled twice during his first weeks in office. Clearly a man to watch.

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