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Gender still dominates subject choice

The latest SQA findings continue to show considerable variations in subject choice at Higher and Advanced Higher. French, for example, is dominated by girls, with 76 per cent of Higher entries, but boys have a better pass rate - 84 per cent against 82 per cent.

In contrast, the situation in physics is almost the reverse, with 71 per cent of entries coming from the boys. They have a pass rate of 73 per cent, against 80 per cent for girls, proving that the minority can often turn in a better performance.

In Higher maths, 52 per cent of entries are from boys, but girls have a marginally better pass rate at 70 per cent, against 68 per cent for boys.

English is still seen as a girls' subject, with 59 per cent of entries, but boys match their pass rate of 68 per cent.

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