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Gene pool

As a former member of the NASUWT who served for 10 years on its executive committee, I am flabbergasted to discover they have become a bunch of bleeding heart liberals.

General secretary Chris Keates claimed that 5,000 of her members had been bullied by pupils. Surely, that means the NASUWT may have 5,000 incompetent teachers in membership who cannot control classes.

Now I read that Chris Keates criticised Gene Hunt (played by the superb actor Philip Glenister in Ashes To Ashes) for his use of the phrase "fairy boy", saying it might promote homophobic bullying.

Chris Keates needs to get out more, like her predecessor Nigel de Gruchy. He was the Gene Hunt and the Jack Regan, of The Sweeney, rolled into one. Teachers need inspirational leaders who are prepared to fight for good order in our classrooms.

Gene Hunt would be a fantastic role model for teachers.

Tony Callaghan, Former headteacher, Norwich.

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