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Gene therapy

Cross curricular - Ages 14 to 16

Cross curricular - Ages 14 to 16

Cross curricular

Ages 14 to 16

Literacy, ICT, science and a bit of history are thrown into this lesson on sex determination.

After teaching determining sex chromosomes, invite the class to write a letter to Henry VIII explaining that it is his fault that he hasn't had a son and nothing to do with his wives. The letters need to be tactful if the pupils are to avoid being beheaded. I usually give the openings of a number of sentences to start them off, such as: "While I must acknowledge the superiority of your royal genes ..."

Computers allow pupils to use old-fashioned fonts. Then, get them to age the paper with old teabags for homework

Judith Green is a science AST at The Robert Smyth School in Market Harborough.

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