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Explore distant places through the lives of young children in specific localities (PoS 3). The best resource packs do this well. A good example is the WorldawareGeographical Association pack about Tocuaro in Mexico, which links with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Unit of Study 22.

Use the Unicef website for information and case studies (www.unicef.orgindex.html). Make connections between items for sale in this country, ie footballs (search for "child labour footballs" on a search engine), and child labour in less economically developed countries (LEDCs) to illustrate the theme of interdependence (PoS 3g). However, it is important to avoid giving the impression that all products from LEDCs are made by child labour.

Use materials from this article to resource QCA Unit of Study 18: "The Global Fashion Industry". Evaluate the Fields of Hope website (, which has lesson plans and resources for 12 to 15-year-olds about child labour. The materials address a range of development issues (PoS 6i), although they will require adaptation.

Investigate child labour as an aspect of globalisation. Details can be found on the One World website ( Transnational corporations, such as GAP (see its Social Responsibility Report at, are sensitive to accusations of profiting from child labour and their sites feature excellent material for this topic.

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