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Investigate where coffee comes from and how it gets from the farm to cups in the staffroom. The Cafod website has great background information and a free downloadable poster. Visit _story_of_coffee_in_pictures_ks1_ks2 KS3-4

Use coffee as an example of global trade - who wins, who loses? The Global Eye website has a case study of the coffee trade and Columbia. Visit

Details of fairtrade coffee can be found at

Investigate the environmental impact of coffee production. Visit the CBBC website for materials and activities: ation_environmentalnewsid_29820002982641.stm

Pupils should compare this with the article "Coffee may save El Salvador wildlife" at

What impact does coffee have on your high street? Develop this question as an urban fieldwork enquiry: where are the coffee shops located, and why? What is their visual impact? Do they increase the amount of litter?


Is Starbucks the coffee shop of choice or a global villain? The company offers a fascinating example of a global brand. Many different positions can be argued - students could begin by comparing the Starbucks website (www.starbucks.comdefault.asp?cookie%5Ftest=1) with the Organic Consumers Association website (www.organicconsumers.orgStarbucksactionaid.cfm).An internet search will yield further points of view.

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