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Try some of the activities at the QCA's Education for Sustainable Development website

Ask the school's site manager to show pupils what happens to the school rubbish and tell them about waste management. Involve pupils in taking care of their environment.

Use activities on the Greener Futures website as the springboard for a project on "reduce, reuse and recycle".


Use the rubbish facts and statistics in the article as the basis for display work. Include "What can we do?" as part of the display.

Try the lesson planning materials at Investigate your local council's recycling policy, practice and progress.

Make a link with economic activity by finding out about jobs in recycling and waste management: see

Find out about the youth eco-parliament and how students might become involved: uknavpage1228.aspx Consider the statement "The UK's new rubbish dump - China", the title of an article on The Guardian's website,,1308278,00.html

A web search will yield a great deal of information supporting different points of view.

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