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Geography - The impact of development

What the lesson is about'

Pupils look at how development has changed areas of the world by focusing on its benefits and drawbacks and its impact on both the local population and the environment.

How to use it

A lesson uploaded by lrabbatts asks pupils to draw a graph showing how Brazil's GDP has changed over time, and interpret it, allocating different pictures to different stages of the graph to illustrate the course of development.

A word mat contributed by David Mullarky can be used as a revision aid for both economic and sustainable development, while he has also uploaded a worksheet activity plus supporting resources on the economic development of China.

Other development games include dominoes, a card sort and "Top Trumps", while resources from NGfLCymru include an introduction to employment structures, as well as a series of resources and activities to look at global rates of development such as a discussion of the limitations of simple development indicators and the role of money in furthering development.

An activity contributed by tompenny looks at the impact of industry on population and the environment by asking pupils to examine the best site for a factory, while a collection of NGfLCymru resources on the economy of India includes PowerPoints, background information and points for discussion.

A lesson on blood diamonds shows the link between demand in one country and the consequences in another, and comes with supporting PowerPoint (wgenterprise).

A lesson on the changing economic geography of France, uploaded by QCDA_Resources, looks at the impact of human processes on economic activity.

Where to find it

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