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Geography - New take on sustainability

What is it?

"Sustainable development" is a collection of S1-3 resources covering topics such as recycling, fishing, water and energy.

How to use it

A series of resources, uploaded by ruthmumby, includes an activity looking at how waste affects our lives and the case study of a man who lives and works on a rubbish dump.

Another lesson looks at consumerism and the waste we produce at Christmas and other times of the year, and how waste can have different effects, depending on where you live. Resources on plastic include a flip-flop's journey and how it is being used to create crafts, a lesson on how a plastic bag is made, and the rubbish found at a resort in Kenya and how it affects different people.

A lesson on sustainability, from DJ_Skoolio, looks at how our consumer choices affect people in other parts of the world. It includes a case study looking at what demand for mobile phones means for the mineral-rich Democratic Republic of Congo.

A series of three lessons on water, from NGfL Cymru, looks at consumption, waste and wealth and poverty.

A set of resources from NuffieldCitizenship challenges pupils to reflect critically on the quality of the information they receive about sustainability and development, while another lesson asks them to reflect on their own values and why people hold different views on recycling.

Finally, resources set in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho include examples of how families can survive climate change and extreme conditions through making keyhole gardens (small rock gardens with vegetables), uploaded by Send a cow.

Where to find it

The collection can be found at

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