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Germany revisited

Any attempt to dispel myths about Germans has got to be welcome, so over to Joseph Priestley college in West Yorkshire, where a course on handy German phrases and culture is being offered to those planning on going over for the World Cup.

They will learn, for instance, that German cuisine is not as unhealthy as people might think.

"Modern recipes capture the new style of German cooking which is lighter, fresher and more healthy," explained the college's marketing man Michael Bennett, who thought up the course.

"There are plenty of new twists on traditional recipes such as a crusty pork loin with rhubarb or a spicy bread and butter pudding."

Yes, apparently bread and butter pudding is the all the rage in healthy-eating circles. Presumably, students will also learn that Germans have a terrific sense of humour, won the 1966 World Cup and were invaded by Poland.

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