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Get back in your Xbox!

A horrified letter from a parent has appeared in the pages of that fine Staffordshire newspaper, The Sentinel.

A more than slightly indignant Mrs S J Allcock writes: "My 12-year-old son informed me that he is on break from school, not next week, but the week after.

"It doesn't seem five minutes since they were going back after the Christmas holiday. It's no wonder half the kids coming out of school at 16 can hardly read or write, because they're never there!

"How can he be expected to gain a decent standard of education when a quarter of the year is spent off school and on his Xbox?

"With all the time off these teachers get, I bet they're experts on their Xboxes.

"I just hope the next time there's any talk of pay rises for teachers, the Government takes note that only working three-quarters of a year should mean only three-quarters of a year's pay."

We are sure that most teachers are far too busy playing Halo 3 on their union-issued Xboxes to agree or disagree with Mrs Alcock's sentiments.

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