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Get netted: web-based resources for NQTs

The Times Educational Supplement

Has a comprehensive NQT section with teaching tips, links to jobs and other education sites, and a variety of reports on how to survive your first year. Ask for advice from induction expert Sara Bubb, or catch up with your peers in the NQT forum. Have you ever been confused by professional jargon? If so, the jargonbuster should help.

Teacher Training Agency

Includes information on 'Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers'; the standards new teachers need to attain to achieve Qualified Teacher Status; and details of the support and training available to NQTs.

Virtual Teacher Centre (VTC)

Looking for new ideas for the classroom? This site contains useful links to resources relevant to specific curriculum subjects. Get help with reviewing or creating your own schemes of work (at primary or secondary level) and download examples of schemes of work.

National Union of Teachers (NUT)

Read the NUT's guide for first-time teachers, 'Your Passport to Teaching 2000', which includes information on teachers' salaries, sick pay, professional duties and legal responsibilities. In this NQ area of the website, there is also advice on applying for jobs and preparing for interviews.

National Curriculum for England

Everything you need to know about what you should be teaching your pupils. All key stages and subjects are covered with accompanying notes and links, attainment targets and downloadable schemes of work.

Association of Teachers and Lecturers

In the 'Issues' area, there is loads of practical advice on applying for teaching jobs, completing the application form, preparing your CV, attending interviews, and applying to an LEA 'pool'. You can also learn what you should do or not do if you are assaulted by a pupil, the procedure to follow if one of your pupils has an accident, and how to deal with bullying in the staffroom.


Feeling the pressure? Then take advantage of this free 24-hour telephone counselling, support and advice service for teachers provided by the TBF, the teacher support network. All counsellors are either ex-teachers or have experience of counselling teachers. This website tells you about the service on offer to all primary and secondary teachers in England and Wales.

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