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Getting the message

Ages 8 to 11

Psssst... pass it on. Play Chinese whispers to pass on newly-learnt target language.

Teach the pronunciation of simple vocabulary andor phrases to the class.

This may be recapping work you have already covered or introducing new material.

Once pupils have absorbed the new information, divide them into teams of seven. Have each team form a line standing one behind the other. All but the first pupil must turn and face the opposite direction with their fingers in their ears.

The pupil at the front will be the first one to pass on the message after you have whispered some of the target language in their ear.

They must wait until each first pupil in each team has the message before passing it on.

They tap the next pupil's shoulder so they know to take their fingers out of their ears and listen to the message. Then they do the same down the line.

The last person to get the message runs to the front and shouts it out.

Points can be awarded for the most accurate reproduction of the message.

Begin again with the last person who ran to the front now staying at the front for the new message. In this way, different pupils get a turn.

It is possible to vary each team's message or use the same one. You can make the task more difficult by using more than one word or a phrase Lindsay Slack teaches at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Wakefield

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