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The ghost of humbug past

So, the season of good cheer is over. All that is left to say it ever happened is the head like a recently bashed gong and an empty bank account.

That Ebenezer Scrooge gets a bad press but the Diary is starting to think he talked some extraordinarily good sense!

Not that you can even be a good Scrooge in today's festival of midwinter cheeriness. Gerald Haigh, chairman of governors at St Giles junior school in Warwickshire and regular Diary contributor, tried it by wearing a Christmas hat with the words "Bah Humbug!" in big letters on the front. " He wore it "extensively" but was astonished by the reaction to it.

"People didn't recognise the reference, and even when I explained it, they didn't know enough about the book or any of the films, for that matter, to be able to picture Scrooge saying it. So it fell entirely flat. One chap even said to me in a puzzled voice, 'Why does it say 'Bad humbug' on your hat?' So he can't even read either. I give up." Bah!

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