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Ghost walk is too ghoul for school

Drama club members led visitors down a dark and entertaining path. Julia Belgutay reports

Drama club members led visitors down a dark and entertaining path. Julia Belgutay reports

Port Glasgow High's drama club haunted the woods of the town's Finlaystone Country Estate this Halloween for a unique ghost walk.

Nineteen pupils from S1-6 turned into zombies, pirates and witches to take their audience on a spooky walk through the estate. Over the course of the evening, the youngsters performed for six different groups of walkers, totalling about 100 visitors.

During the club's performance, which the pupils devised themselves, the audience was told the sad story of a toy soldier who was abandoned by his owner for a new toy, leading him to haunt the soldier box at Finlaystone.

A game of hide and seek followed, ending at a pirate ship where the audience was cursed and made to walk the plank by two pirates, again played by pupils.

Two lost zombies looking for their home, and two witches arguing with a tree were next to scare walkers - with the tree coming to life to put a spell on young audience members, before a girl warning them not to continue fell victim to another zombie.

Ghosts were heard singing nursery rhymes and audiences were treated to the story of a rag doll and two young girls, and encountered the apparition of a washer woman, before escaping to safety over a haunted bridge.

The pupils had to rehearse their performance in the school. "I put them into different classrooms and walked from classroom to classroom pretending to be the audience, so they would get used to the promenade style," explained drama teacher Tina Harper.

"The feedback was fantastic, with some of the audience saying how professional the pupils were and how they loved the fluency and eeriness of the piece," Miss Harper said. "We have already begun to plan our Halloween event for next year - the takeover of our school."

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