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Give children the tools to create;Letter

DAVE Davison's view of design and technology is cynical and, I suspect, based only on his experience in one school (TES, July 16).

Over the past 10 years, I have visited many Damp;T departments to supervise student-teachers. Sure, there are schools which have not changed project outcomes for years, altering design briefs to fit the changes from GCE to GCSE and to national curriculum needs, but the majority are not like this.

If interesting and creative ideas are suggested to children, then they will be motivated. If a wide range of materials and techniques is available, then they will produce a range of imaginative and stimulating artefacts. To be intelligent consumers, children will need to be able to select and reject, and be aware of good design. Design and technology is the vehicle for developing this awareness.

Mr Davison's vision of Damp;T is dated. It will be a sad day if the opportunities for children to design and make disappear from our schools.

Peter Bull, Design Technology Consultancy, 85 Ashton Drive, Bristol

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