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Give heads new powers to hire their own supply staff

Letters: The powers headteachers really want

Letters: The powers headteachers really want

So Education Secretary Mike Russell intends to "beef up powers for headteachers" (November 26). Great idea. Why not start by allowing them to appoint their own supply teachers, rather than issuing "guidance" on employing only recent graduates?

Headteachers want the power to choose the supply teachers best equipped to teach their classes. Parents want to know that if their child's teacher is absent, the best possible alternative is employed to take his or her place.

Of course, we know that won't happen because it is politically expedient to be in cahoots with the local authorities and to be seen to be employing the recent graduates - especially in an election year.

Jeannie Mackenzie, Gateside Place, Kilbarchan, Johnstone.

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