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Give less warning of inspections;Letter

I am an enthusiastic headteacher who changed careers to come into this wonderful profession.

My report from the Office for Standards in Education has been flattering. The experience of the inspection week was positive for both my teaching and non-teaching staff.

I do, however, feel like screaming from the roof-tops regarding the sheer volume of paper shuffling that led up to the OFSTED inspection.

It really did divert my time and energy from teaching, quality control and management duties - the very things that the inspection process aims to measure!

Please, please reduce the notice of inspection in future to just two weeks.

The conscientious schools have nothing to hide and those establishments which find two weeks' notice too short may be concerned that you see them as they really are.

In short, does the Government want a school system that measures current educational standards or an over-loaded bureaucratic system full of yesterday's data?

KA Bullock.. Longmeadow. Bury St Edmunds. Suffolk

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