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Give 'office workers' a break;Letter

PRECISELY what does Jane Wainwright (TES, April 17) think those of us who work in school offices do? Apparently we do not provide a service, nor do we respond to pupils' or parents' needs, nor do we have hundreds of interactions with young people, and we do not need to recover from the pressures of the term.

School offices are generally open before the start of the school day, during breaks, lunchtime and after school. Therefore, many "office workers" also do not have breaks - we are far too busy dealing with hundreds of children, providing a service to colleagues, pupils, parents, governors, et al.

Obviously Ms Wainwright thinks that The TES is unlikely to be read by "office workers" - she does nothing to promote the development of awareness of the value of all those who work in schools.

Do Investors in People and the principles of total quality management mean nothing to this head, who in one letter can manage to undo so much of the good work in bringing down the "them and us" barriers that still exist in some schools? I wonder how the office staff of Ms Wainwright's school feel now?

Sue Matthews, High school administrative assistant, Redhill Farm, Whitwell, Isle of Wight

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