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Give RE its own national curriculum

We and the bodies we represent are concerned that all children should have the opportunity to experience good RE. This is invaluable in teaching pupils about the diversity of religions and beliefs held by people in the world today and in developing young people's responses to questions of beliefs, values, meaning and purpose.

The Ofsted report on RE shows provision is variable across the country and we believe this requires urgent attention. We urge government to take seriously the proposal that RE should be given a national curriculum of its own. This will allow us all the ability to measure standards in this vital subject and help ensure that all pupils receive their entitlement to good RE.

Andrew Copson, British Humanist Association

Jay Lakhani, Hindu Council UK

Kishan Manocha, National Spiritual Assembly

of the Baha'is of the UK

Indarjit Singh, Network of Sikh Organisations

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