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What does your writing say about you? Graphologist Elaine Quigley explains

Mr Stephenson's head clearly rules his heart, because the angularity in the middle section shows an analytical approach, allowing him to make shrewd judgments based on facts.

He dislikes the insecurity of guessing, so doesn't make off-the-cuff statements. The baseline is fairly flexible, showing that he reacts through nervous energy. He has a strong conscience and there is a bit of a tug between what he wants to do and what he ought to do. He enjoys throwing himself into his work, but once everything is out of the way he enjoys a good discussion.

Parameters and deadlines provide the structure that makes him clear about what has to be done. This is reinforced by the position of his signature, in the middle of the page at the end of the script. It implies that he is waiting to find out what is wanted and he can move either way, working by himself or with others, but he likes to know where he stands before he starts. The match between signature and script shows a straightforward attitude. If he says something, he means it.

This is a man who wors hard, but who can enjoy himself. He appreciates quality and believes that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Michael Stephenson is a postman, and chair and founder of the Confederation of Classroom Assistants I'm amazed. I don't know how you can tell this just by someone's handwriting.

I do work on nervous energy and I dislike the insecurity of guessing. The bit about my head ruling my heart is pretty accurate. I react emotionally if I read something in the paper that I feel strongly about. But then it is tempered by time.

The only thing I would query is the bit about being straightforward. My colleagues and friends would say I always come up with many ideas about a problem or issue rather than one straightforward solution. Otherwise it's spot-on and I'm very impressed.

Elaine Quigley and Michael Stephenson were talking to Harvey McGavin. Does someone you know have unusual handwriting? Send an example - including signature - on unlined paper with contact details to Jill Craven, Friday magazine, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W1BX. You can email Elaine Quigley at

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