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What does your writing say about you? Graphologist Elaine Quigley explains The eye-catching signature indicates that Ms Seddon is no shrinking violet. She hates waste and untidiness and prefers to plan and operate logically. She had a fairly firm upbringing, shown in the careful structure and the lower zone flow of the signature. The personal pronoun, which descends into the lower zone, shows she may not have always been happy with strict requirements.

Ms Seddon needs to feel secure in her position, to know that she will be able to handle her work and others calmly and confidently. She is a private person, diligent and methodical in her approach to work.

The arched style shows that things have to "look" right, and Ms Seddon is independent and strong enough to call the shots concerning work, and how she will deliver it.

It is important for her to be different. She doesn't want to rock the boat and may think conventionally at times, but she enjoys having an area of her life where she is not following the pack. She likes her freedom and the chance to try out new options.

Jacqueline Seddon teaches Spanish, French and ICT at Lochinvar school, Longtwn, Cumbria It is interesting that she has said I had a fairly strict upbringing. I had a tendency to be left-handed as a child and I was discouraged from it by my father. There were very strict rules. It wasn't unkind but there were boundaries.

It's true to say I hate waste and untidiness. I have blitzes around the house where everything is spotless.

I think my handwriting is quite childish in some respects, it's rounded and uniform. I have cultivated my signature but that's part of stopping people copying it. I am prepared to be a bit different although that shows more in my personal life at home. I am methodical and diligent.

She's right when she says things have to look right. If there's a painting crooked it offends my eye, and at the end of the lesson I put all the chairs straight under the desks.

Elaine Quigley and Jacqueline Seddon were talking to Harvey McGavin. Does someone you know have unusual handwriting? Send an example - including signature - on unlined paper with contact details to Jill Craven, Friday magazine, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W1BX. You can email Elaine Quigley at

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