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What does your writing say about you? Elaine Quigley explains.

This is "persona" writing, which means that Ms Nichols has created the style that she feels will epitomise what she is about. The right slant shows communication, but the firmness of the down strokes in the "h" and "n" show that she has a mind of her own. She keeps her feelings to herself. She puts energy into her career and activities that provide challenge and distraction.

The signature with the full stop shows that she likes to keep distance between her and the outside world. She is ambitious, but wants to enjoy herself while achieving her goals. She can stand her ground so she will not be shaken from her position if she has made up her mind.

The shape of the lower zone indicates that she puts the lid on what she doesn't want to see. That way she keeps positive and can handle day-to-day matters. She finds it important to be different.

She can deflect problems with humour, but she can be stubborn if she thinks she is about to be thwarted in her ambitions or pushed into something. She works well on her own because she doesn't like to let herself down.

Jayne Nichols is a PE teacher, currently working o supply in Buckinghamshire She's frighteningly accurate. She does say I keep my feelings to myself, which family and friends would disagree with - I tend to let everybody know how I feel. That's the only thing that isn't right.

I do like my own space and will hold back when I meet people for the first time, until I know them well. I take time to make decisions and if I feel I am being pushed into something I don't want to do, I won't follow it through.

She says I like to be different. Sometimes I make a conscious effort not to do what other people are doing. When people find out what I do for a living, they say, "Oh, you don't look like a PE teacher," which can be a bit worrying.

I am ambitious but it's important to me to get the balance right. I like to get there in the end but I'd rather be happy on the journey.

Elaine Quigley and Jayne Nichols were talking to Harvey McGavin. Does someone you know have unusual handwriting? Send an example - including signature - on unlined paper with a photograph and contact details to Jill Craven, Friday magazine, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX. You can e-mail Elaine Quigley at

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