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Glad to go global in search for teachers

I NOTE the recent article about the shortage of teachers - especially in London - and the letter from the TimePlan manager explaining why his agency is currently recruiting in Canada, Australia and New Zealand to fill vacancies for September (TES, August 18).

Last year at my school, I recruited an excellent young job-share teacher from New Zealand for two terms who proved to be a big hit with the children and parents. I then replaced her with a dynamic young teacher from Canada - courtesy of Masterlock - who made an equally positive impact on my class. Then, when one of the staff took long-term

sickness absence, Masterlock found me a lvely South African-trained teacher to cover, which she did conscientiously and well. All three teachers integrated well into school life and, with their different cultural perspectives, added significantly to the children's experience and were very popular members of staff.

So come on headteachers, here is your chance to broaden your children's experience, arrange your very own teachers' (cultural) exchange, play host to a colleague who will add value to the life of your school and positively fill a vacancy. Go for it. Go global.

Gary Terretta

Deputy headteacher

St Mary's C of E junior school

Stanwell, Surrey

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