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Glad Sats over

Your article "Unions do not have support of parents for next year's Sats boycott, poll shows" (May 15) says less than half of parents think it appropriate for teachers to boycott Sats tests. I wonder how many of the parents asked had children in Year 5 or 6. As a Year 6 parent, I have yet to find any parent who thinks last week's tests were good for their children. I have heard only horror stories: children being emotional, not sleeping, falling out with each other.

Ed Balls says we need to keep primary Sats so parents can find out how their child is doing. I have a message for him: if I want to know how my daughter is doing, I ask her teacher, who tells me Year 6 should have been the best of times, but instead the curriculum has been distorted by Sats.

Since Sats ended, my daughter says she is now doing fun maths. Shouldn't all maths be fun when you're 11? Let's hope this year will be the last time our children have to go through the mental cruelty of Sats.

Sally Kincaid, Year 6 parent, Leeds.

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