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Glaswegians' college needs

I read with interest the interview with Henry McLeish, the newly-appointed chair of City of Glasgow College (10 February), and would wish to highlight that John Wheatley College has always had a clear and ambitious vision for the further education provision it offers to the communities it serves.

Over the past 22 years, the college has successfully developed an approach to delivering a meaningful post-school educational experience to residents in some of the most deprived communities in Scotland. During this period, the quality of the learner experience has been regularly commended by HMIE, while the college estate is one of the most innovative and visually striking in Scotland.

The board of management has ensured that it has continually set challenging objectives for the college as it sought to contribute to the regeneration of east Glasgow, and the obvious support from our communities is testament to the success of that approach.

John Wheatley College has always set high ambitions, both for east Glasgow and for the city, as it believes they deserve no less. Perhaps a greater understanding of what has been achieved by the college, and other Glasgow community colleges, would assist Mr McLeish in lifting his horizons to ensure that the college sector in Glasgow meets the needs of all Glaswegians in the new regional structure for the city.

Andrew Woolley, chair, John Wheatley College.

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