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Global demand


GLOBALISATION - What's It All About. pound;6.50

JAMAICA: Out Of Many, One People. pound;15.40 + pound;2.80 Pamp;P. Development Education Centre, Birmingham. Tel: 0121 472 3255

EXPLORING OUR WORLD. Edited by Clare Cuthbert pound;20. One World Centre, Belfast. Tel: 028 90241879

Sustainable development, globalisation and interdependence are issues we cannot afford to ignore. They are central to our understanding of a rapidly changing society. Dealing with these ideas in the classroom requires rooting the topics in pupils' daily experiences. Crucially, they also require a challenge to perceptions and values through activities that encourage dialogue and debate. Such activities form the common link between these resources.

Learning Today With Tomorrow in Mind brings together the experiences from a range of teacher projects in and around Birmingham schools. Shared experiences and the practical classroom activities arising from planning, teaching and evaluating sustainable development education lie at the core of the publication.

Globalization - What's It All About is a key stage 3 handbook that seeks to unpack this difficult concept. Aspects of globalisation such as power bases, technology and internet trading are explored through a range of activities accompanied by case studies on the car industry, the banana trade and Body Shop companes.

This important handbook also suggests ways the internet can be used and viewed critically as a teaching and learning resource.

Jamaica: Out of Many, One People is a KS2 teacher's booklet and poster pack. Many of the teachers who devised the booklet have personal or family experiences of the place, Jamaican identity and the issues facing Jamaicans in today's world.

The learning activities draw on good classroom practice and seek to develop in-depth understanding of the complexities of identities, links and interdependency between people and places.

This is a very valuable resource for all teachers who use Jamaica in their place studies.

Exploring Our World, produced by a group of educators in Ireland, deals with a range of issues including global inequality, aid and the role of multinational companies, child work, and asylum seekers and refugees.

It contains a comprehensive teacher's booklet containing detailed lesson plans. These link into the photocopiable activity sheets, which are designed for student use and colour overhead projector acetates.

The activities are based on the principles of active learning, problem-solvingand enquiry. They also provide an excellent basis for literacy as well as geographical learning.

Toni Gruffydd Schiavone is humanities adviser and secondary advisers team leader, CYNNAL (GwyneddYnys MonConwy LEAs)

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