Glow of learning as sun rises on the digital age

In the beginning it was Spark, then it became the Scottish Schools Digital Network (SSDN). From today (Friday), it will be known as Glow.

Peter Peacock, Education Minister, said the intranet service needed a name that would "resonate with all users". "As well as being short and memorable, Glow is a name which conjures up images of the power of learning and will appeal to teachers and pupils," Mr Peacock said.

A Learning and Teaching Scotland spokesperson said: "Glow is fun, bright and hopeful, yet it is simple and accessible to all. Pupils will find Glow easy to spell and remember, while teachers will see it as a pool of resources that will help make lessons more interesting and interactive."

Mr Peacock said: "Our schools will have 21st century technology to support 21st century learning and teaching."

Eventually, Glow will link Scotland's schools, connecting more than 800,000 teachers and pupils. Testing and piloting of the service is currently under way, and schools should start using it by the middle of next year.

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