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Go ahead, make your Newsday

TES Newsday 2003, held from March 10 to 14, is just weeks away and schools still have time to register for this popular competition.

Students and teachers are given 24 hours to produce either a finished paper or a web-based publication. The competition develops creative writing, IT and research skills and encourages teamwork against a real deadline.

It also gives students and teachers an insider's understanding of how newspapers function and the excitement of working in a newsroom.

"I spent one of the most exciting and demanding days of my career working with our pupils and members of staff to create the Daisy Hill Journal," said Mr J Gregory, headteacher of St James CE School in Derbyshire.

Headteacher of Barkway First School in Hertfordshire, Mrs J Heinzelmann, was equally enthusiastic about Newsday.

"There is so much that the process gives these young people," she said.

Newsday is now an approved activity for the National Literary Strategy.

Prizes on offer include PCs and a digital camera.

Entry into the competition is free to all primary, secondary and international schools.

For more informationEmail: register a team: Tel: 01642 286688 by March 10.

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