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Go for golden standards

Baroness Sue Campbell, head of UK Sport and chair of the Youth Sport Trust, is right to be concerned that the #163;300 million for primary school sport in England, announced by the Westminster government, does not go to waste ("Primaries debate how to make sport funding last", 29 March). Schools need to develop a strategy to guarantee ongoing provision of sport to the highest standards of health, safety and expertise.

Tony Draper, headteacher of Water Hall Primary in Milton Keynes, says: "It is critical that schools cluster together and bring in a primary PE specialist who can develop teachers..."

He and Baroness Campbell will be pleased to know, then, that The Compass Association (TCA), a body dedicated to setting a new national benchmark for the provision of sport and physical activity in schools and the wider community, is even now putting together its advisory programme.

Whether schools opt to have their own staff trained or bring in outside professionals, it is vital that pupils are safeguarded and their needs met. That means using people who meet national standards of competency, training and health and safety. It also means championing recognised, accredited qualifications and it means ensuring consistently high-quality delivery. TCA has drawn up a list of more than a dozen requirements to ensure that those standards are met and sustained.

Any school considering what to do next should visit the TCA website at

Martin Gallagher, CEO, The Compass Association.

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