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Go-for-it games

Depart! 1-3 and Start!1-3. French and German Games CD Roms. Key stage 23P67 and S12.pound;29.99 + VAT. Senlac Language Publications Telfax 01424 850282 E-mail: Available from TES Direct

A classroom resource that amuses and motivates even the teacher through its simplicity of approach is also likely to be a hit with pupils.

In each Start! and Depart! CD-Rom there is a variety of games and activities at two levels over 20 topics. The focus is on basic vocabulary more than on phrases, although sections on classroom instructions are good for refreshing understanding of day-to-day French and German.

All games have audio input - even wordsearches pronounce words when they are discovered. While many activities are based on language recognition with easy click-on-picture chek, some need words to be written in.

Correct spelling of musical instruments is rewarded with an unexpected burst ofmusic. Spelling rules are strict and German noun capital letters for example, are essential.

There is easy access to a two-way dictionary which also pronounces the words. Within straightforward flashcard style revision sections of the language of each exercise, pupils can also alter the speed of delivery.

Work on the exercises is timed and words ofpraise reward successful completion.

For primary pupils working individually or in pairs, the CD-Roms offer lively self-contained and focused vocabulary practice. The French equivalent of Hangman, Guillotine, made one 10-year-old determined to see his partner being summarily guillotined for want of accurate spelling.

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