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The goals project

The Greater Opportunity of Access and Learning with Schools project was launched in 2000 by the West of Scotland Wider Access Forum with the aim of increasing participation in higher education by under-represented groups and is currently funded until 2008.

Eleven education authorities and seven higher education institutions - Glasgow, Strathclyde, Paisley and Glasgow Caledonian universities, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, the Glasgow School of Art and Bell College (in Hamilton and Dumfries) - participate in the Goals programme. The elements are:

* Primary Links programme: undergraduate students work on projects in school with P6 pupils for three to six weekly sessions and with P7 pupils for one-day events.

* Secondary Links programme: undergraduate students work on projects in school with S1 to S6 pupils in one-hour workshops.

* Top-Up programme: aimed at S5 and S6 pupils, helping them to decide if higher education is the right option and smoothing their transition to college life, supported by postgraduate students.

* Artists and Designers in Education: this introduces art to primary, S4, S5 and S6 as an option for higher education.

* Portfolio preparation: aimed at S5 and S6 art students, but also available for S3 and S4.

* Drama workshops: these introduce S1 pupils to drama as a higher education option.

* Education 2 Employment Challenge: in-school activities help S2s make links between option choices, further study and employment.

* Campus days: S3 pupils experience academic and social aspects of higher education on a typical day.

* Summer academy: aimed at pupils entering S4 who are capable of credit level but not consistently achieving. Pupils work in teams with mentors over a two-week period on challenging activities.

* University experience: one week of group activities, lectures and social events for S4 pupils, accompanied by undergraduate mentors.

* S5 Steps 4 Life pilot: personal development planning course with mentors, aimed at S5 pupils studying for fewer than three Highers but capable of higher education.

* Generic work in Goals: various activities at schools' request. Includes support in completing UCAS forms and providing information at parents'


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