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Going loco

Peterborough's Railworld, set appropriately between the main line tracks from London to the North and the Nene Valley Railway's passing steam trains, has a big indoor model rail layout with farms, animals, houses, stations and buttons for children to press.

There are also two vintage locos outdoors, one steam, one diesel, which are massive seen from the ground. But the cabs can be reached by steps for a chance to pretend to be a driver or fireman.

On the acres of what were once railway sidings, of which only a Victorian turntable pit remains, this is a rather charming location for an indoor and outdoor outing,with rail memorabilia, plants, seats and the sight of ducks and swans swimming on the River Nene.

But the aim is to create a permanent rail industry exhibition centre spelling out the case for rail as a sustainable integrated transport system.

Meanwhile, starting in amodest way, the theme is being developed in prefabricated buildings housing, among other things, a model of a hover car; videos of steam trains crossing the United States' vast territories; videos on various light railsystems in international towns and cities, demonstrating cleanliness, easy access and the lack of pressure to find parking spaces; and colourful international posters showing that there are other ways of getting about than just by road.

Railworld, Oundle Road, Peterborough, Cambs PN2 9NR. Tel: 01733 344240

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